Canton Fair Hotels

The Canton Fair, held in Guangzhou, China is one of the largest trade fairs and is held twice per year in the spring and fall. With over 200,000 from around the world attending, finding a hotel in Guangzhou during the Canton Fair can be a challenge. At we help take the trouble out of travel with a great hotel selection in Guangzhou for the Canton Fair and around China from Beijing to Shenzhen.

Guangzhou is the capital of the province of Guangdong and sits on the bank of the Pearl River's White Goose Pool, a short distance from Hong Kong, Macau and Kowloon. Looking for great history and sightseeing, Guangzhou city was founded in 214 BC in the 33rd year of the Qin dynasty and offers cultural history and traditional South China culture known as Lingnan.

The Canton Fair is so named because Guangzhou was formerly called Canton and now boasts twelve million residents. Guangzhou is an important trading port and was once the start of China's Marine Silk Road, thus the city became a link between China and other world cultures. Guangzhou offers comfortable weather year round, autumn runs from October through December with cool evenings and warm fall days to enjoy the Canton Fair. WenTrip will be happy to help you find the right accommodations for Canton Fair hotels or in any other city you wish to visit.

From your Canton Fair hotel check out some great local attractions: the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral, Huaisheng Mosque, Guangdong Provincial Museum and the Chime-Long Water Park. Be sure to find a Canton Fair hotel near enough to catch all the historical sights like the Guangzhou Peasant Museum and Museum of the Tomb of the King of Southern Yue in Western Han Dynasty. You will also find that Cantonese traditional sculpting and embroidery along with ivory carvings, jade or wood sculptures, and olive sculptures are sold in the area. Yue Embroidery is one of the Four Famous Chinese Embroideries and is also sold here. Cantonese cuisine is revered around the globe, you will find tasty aromas meeting you at every turn. So to awaken your senses and get in the Guangzhou spirit, try on the Cantonese style life. Canton Fair hotels are well situated to get you started enjoying the food, culture, sight seeing and shopping.

Best Deal: If you want to book your ticket and hotel for the Canton Fair today the best deal is at the Guangzhou Jian Li Harmony Hotel - a four star hotel in Guangzhou opposite the Hong Kong- Canton Through Train Staion and just 20 minutes away from the Pazhou International Exhibition Center (about a $6USD cab ride).

Canton Fair Celebrates !!!

The Canton Fair is celebrating it's 130th event starting October 15-19, 2020 which is Phase 1. Then Phase 2 is Oct. 23-27, with Phase 3 is Oct. 31 - Nov. 4. Canton Fair exhibit categories you may see are: machinery and equipment, electronics, IT products, household electrical appliances, hardware and tools, building materials and consumer goods. We at WenTrip look forward to serving you at both of these excellent events in helping fulfill all of your travel needs from Canton Fair hotels to travel around Guangzhou.