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104th Canton Fair Exhibit Categories - Phase 2: October 24th - 28th
Update: 9/27/2008 9:50:00 AM Source: Canton Fair


Consumer Goods
Kitchenware & Tableware

* Stainless Steel Containers, Enamel Containers, Containers of Other Materials

* Dining Table Items and Decorations: Dishes, Knives and Forks, Table Candles, Table Decorations

* Kitchenware: Bottle Openers, Corkscrews, Can Openers, Hot Pot Implements, Kettles, Knives for Kitchen and Professional, Kitchen Paper, Peeler, Aluminum Foil, Scales, Knife Sharpeners, Knife cleaners, Pots, Spades, Spoons, Nutcrackers

General Ceramics
* Tableware, Kitchenware and Daily Use Ceramics for Family Use

* Tableware, Kitchenware and Daily Use Ceramics for Hotel Use

* Other Tableware, Kitchenware and Daily Use Ceramics

Household Items

* Cleaning Products: Washing Products and Laundry Appliances; Detergents, Pot Cleaning Products, Refrigerator Deodorants, Window Washing, Brooms, Brushes, Rags, Mops, Polish Appliances, Garbage Buckets, Garbage Spades

* General Houseware: Umbrellas, Sun Umbrellas, Gloves for Civil Use, Gloves for Labor Protection, Basins, Buckets, Clothe Pins, Coat Hangers and Clothe Racks, Clothe Baskets, Clothe Forks, Hooks, Ironing Board, Shoe Racks, Shoe Boxes, Shoe Cabinets, Smoking Gears, Lighters, Thermometers, CD Racks, Paper Bins, Cabinets for Storage, Wine Racks, Trolleys, Other Houseware Products

Personal Care Products

* Cosmetics and Accessories: Cosmetics, Lipsticks, Make-Up Bags, Make-Up Brushes, Make-Up Mirrors

* Skin-Care Products: Beauty Creams, Skin-Care Creams, Hand Creams, Sun Creams, Massage Suppliers, Perfumes

* Hair-care Products and Accessories: Shampoo and Conditioners, Combs, Scissors, Trimmers and Clippers, Headwear

* Tooth Care Products, Nail Beauty Supplies, Foot Care Supplies, Shaving Supplies


* Bathroom Products: Soaps, Shower Gels, Mouthwashes, Bath Salt/Bath Oil, Toothpastes/Toothbrushes

* Bath Appliances: Bath Sponges, Bath Mats, Bathroom Mirrors, Liquid Soap Containers, Soap Trays, Stopper, Wet Towels, Shower Caps, Shower Curtains, Towels, Towels Racks, Toilet Paper and Facial Paper

Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments

*  Clocks: Quartz Clocks, Mechanical Clocks, Jumping Figure Clocks , Radio Clocks, Cabinet Clocks, Wall Clocks, Table Clocks

*   Watches: Quartz Watches, Mechanical Watches, Jumping Figure Watches, LCD Display Watches, Timers, Sport Watches, Fashion Watches, Pocket Watches, Pendant Watches

*  Clock & Watch Parts: Dials, Movements, Cases, Dials, Handles, Chains, Straps, Watch Glass, Water Resistant Rings

*  Spectacles: Glasses for Short-sight, Presbyopic Glasses, Contact Lens, Sunglasses

*  Spectacle Accessories: Frames, Lens, Glasses Boxes


* Baby Toys

*  Electromotive, Remote Controlling and Clockwork Toys

*  Action Toys

*  Educational Games & Toys

*  Plush and Cloth Toys

*  Dolls

*  Riding Toys: Children¡¯s Ride, Babe Carriages, Mini Bicycles

*  Musical Toys

*  Inflatable Toys

*  Other Toys and Toys Accessories

Gifts and Premiums

* Polyresen Crafts

* Traditional Chinese Art Crafts: Cloisonne, Lacquerware & Lacquer Engraving, Craft Fans, Craft Lights, Four Treasures of Study (Writing Brushes, Inksticks, Inkslabs and Paper), Hair and Hair Products, Embroidery, Vases, Tea Sets, Wine Sets, Carving Handicrafts, Clay Sculptures, Ethnic Handicrafts, Natural Crafts, Other Art Crafts

* Jewellery, Bone Carvings and Jade Sculptures: Jewelry: Gemstones, Pearls, Jewellery Raw Materials, Gold & Silver; Bone Carvings and Jade Sculptures; Yak and Buffalo Bones, Horse Bones, Camel Bones, Hawksbill Turtle Shells, Deer Horns, Corals, Mother-of-Pearls and Other Carvings and Sculpture Products of Animal Origin, Jade Carvings

* Marketing Gifts and Premiums: Marketing Premiums, Medals and Badges, Souvenirs, Key Rings, Key Cases, Notebooks

* Paper and Wrappings: Calendars, Wall Calendars, Desktop Calendars, Cards, Gift Boxes, Gift Packages, Handicraft Paper, Paper Bags, Ribbons, Gift Wrapping Papers

Festival Products

*  Party Supplies & Decorations: Balloons, Party Supplies, Party Decorations

*  Holidays Supplies and Decorations: Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Other Specialized Supplies and Decorations

Home Decorations
 Art Ceramics

* Artistic Ceramics

* Craft Ceramics

* Horticultural and Gardening Ceramics

 Glass Artware

* Glassware

* Glass Decorations

* Other Glass Artware

 Weaving, Rattan and Iron Arts

* Bamboo Crafts, Wood Crafts, Grass Crafts, Wickerwork

* Rattan and Iron Artworks

 Home Decorations

* Decorative Candles, Candles Holders and Related Products

* Paintings, Painting Frames, Photo Frames, Mirrors: Chinese Calligraphies and Paintings, Oil Paintings, Carving Paintings, Albums, Frames, Artistic Mirror Frames, Picture Frames, Foldable Supports, Decoration Mirrors

* Desktop Supplies

* Door and Window Decorations, Wall Decorations

* Artificial Flowers

 Gardening Products

* Flowers and Nursery Stocks, Dry/Artificial Flowers, Potted Landscapes

* Fishes, Birds and Animals for Display and Decoration

* Horticultural Tools and Outdoor Supplies

* Other Horticultural Supplies: Plant Accessories, Necessary Supplies, Horticultural Decorations

 Stone and Iron Products (Outdoor)

* Various Sculpture Products of Stone Origin

* Stone Materials

* Large-sized Cast Iron Products


* Furniture of Traditional Chinese Style

* Furniture for Domestic Indoor: Furniture for Sitting Room, Restaurant, Bedroom, Study, Kitchen and Bathroom

* Hotel Furniture

* Office Furniture

* School Furniture

* Hospital Furniture

* Outdoor Furniture: Garden, Patio, Beach, and Camping Furniture

* Furniture for Public Places

* Other Furniture

* Semi-finished and Spare Parts


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