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CBD 2016

CBD 2016


    Organizers:China Foreign Trade Center (Group) /China Building Decoration Association  

    Host: China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp.

    TotalScale: 380,000 Square Meters

    Exhibitors:over 2,400

    Visitors: around 140,000

    Affiliated to China Foreign Trade Center (Group), which isdirectly under Ministry of Commerce of the People¡¯s Republic of China, China Foreign Trade Guangzhou ExhibitionGeneral Corp. (CFTE) is one of the most reputable specialized exhibitioncompanies in China. We have almost 60 years¡¯ rich experience in hosting Canton Fair and other grand events,such as China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) (CIFF) and China(Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (CBD Fair), two of the mostinfluential events in Asia. Our Group owns and operates the Asia¡¯s largestexhibition centre ¡¡C the China Import and Export Fair Complex, as well as theNational Convention & Exhibition Centre (Shanghai). Our main business scopeis to organize, co-organize and plan large-scaled international exhibitions,and to promote Chinese enterprises participating famous fairs abroad.

    China(Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair, also known as the CBDFair, features a unique style of cross-discipline bespoke home furnishings andprovides integrated solutions for building decoration industry. Numerous famousbrands launch their new products and strategies here by showcasing their cutting-edgedesign and technologies. The CBD Fair has become a ¡¡ãDebut Platform for Champion Enterprises¡¡À.

    As the largest-scaled and most premier building decoration showin Asia, CBD Fair 2016 will have agrand opening on July 8th, 2016, at the China Import and Export Fair Complex£¬Guangzhou! With 6themesranging, CBD Fair 2016 will bring you into an innovative world of building materials,offering a ¡¡ãone-stop¡¡À business platform. We sincerely wish you could get moreinformation about CBD Fair 2016 as follows, and lead your members to our showif available.

    Factsabout CBD Fair 2016

    Grand Stage ¡¡C Total Exhibiting Area of 380,000 SQM
    Professional Platform ¡¡C Almost 40 Business Events

    Resources - Over 2,400 Industry-leading Exhibitors

    Opportunities - Over 140,000 Professional Visitors



    Integrated Solution for Building Decoration Industry

    Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises

    6 Themes to Meet All Needs



    Door & Window Hardware 

    Furniture Hardware / Automatic Door &

    Fittings / Smart Home



    Doors and Windows

    Wooden Doors / Aluminum 

    Doors & Windows / Aluminum-clad Wood Doors & 

    Windows / Door & Window System/ Aluminum

    Section & Fittings



    Interior Decoration

    Glasswork/Wall Decoration/Coating/

    Stone/ChemicalBuilding Materials/

    Decorative Lighting


    Custom-made Furnishings

    Wardrobes / Kitchen / Ceilings /

    Integrated Furnishings /Integrated Wooden Decoration /

    Woodwork / Flooring



    Machinery Equipment

    Woodworking Machinery/Glass Processing Machinery

    Sanitary Ware

    Bathroom Unit/Shower Room  /Toilet /Sanitary Wares 

    &Accessories /Water Heater/Swimming Pool Equipment/ Building ceramics