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China COAT 2016 & SF China 2016

China COAT 2016 & SF China 2016

    The 21st China Innternational Exhibition for Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives (CHINA COAT 2016)

    The 29th China International Exhibition for Surface Finishing & Coating Products (SF CHINA 2016)

    Date: Nov 30-Dec 2, 2016
    Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex)
    380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, P. R. China

    CHINACOAT was organized since 1996 and now alternates its venue annually between Guangzhou and Shanghai, P. R. China. Our last 2015 Shanghai show broke several significant records. A total of 29,580 trade visitors from 81 countries/regions and 1,088 exhibitors from 32 countries/regions gathered on a gross exhibit area of over 70,000 sq.m. All these figures prove once again CHINACOAT's position as the world's Coatings show! In 2016, CHINACOAT will return to Guangzhou and will continue to deliver success from there!
    1. CHINACOAT is the world's Coatings show!
    Benefit from over 20 years' experience ¡ª CHINACOAT has been a professional global exhibition offering a cost-effective trading platform and strong brand building environment to the industry.
    Provide essential face-to-face contact in just 3 days ¡ª CHINACOAT is a powerful promotional medium bringing together large number of potential customers and abundant qualified sales opportunities.
    Exhibition can help business grow even in tough economy environment ¡ª CHINACOAT is an ideal platform to investigate specific needs in the market, gather feedback, generate awareness and demonstrate competitiveness to the world.
    2. Asia Pacific region remains as the leading consumer of coatings and sees the most rapid gains
    Growth of coatings demand is expected to continue at 8% per year in China, 11% in India and 4-5% in Indonesia. Other growing markets include Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia.
    Despite the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the China's coatings market is still growing rapidly compared with mature markets and continues to project long-term growth prospects.
    Asia Pacific is expected to witness swift market growth due to increased levels of income and education, increasing urbanization and infrastructural development, rise in manufacturing activities, the low per capita consumption of coatings in the region, etc. It is advantageous for enterprises to gain more presence there through exhibitions.
    3. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) region has great strategic importance for business promotion
    The PRD region is the world's leading manufacturing and export base. The key cities in this region have developed their own specialized industries and manufacturing clusters, such as household electrical appliances, electronic communications, furniture, lighting, watches, bicycles, etc. Its automobile, shipbuilding, electrical machinery, building materials and construction industries also gain competitive advantage over other regions.
    The "Made in China (2025)" plan released in 2015 has pinpointed 10 key manufacturing industries for further upgrading and development. Among them, IT, marine & shipping equipment, rail transportation, automotive, advanced materials and medical device industries are closely related to the coatings industry, and the PRD region is the clusters and development zone for them, thus opening up new opportunities for exhibitors.
    The PRD region has become the world's largest urban area in both size and population. Urbanization will bring increased coatings consumption that will in turn contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry.
    4. China's coatings industry is undergoing rapid changes C opportunities to differentiate your business by exhibiting
    Companies are more capable to gain larger market share if they seek to actively enhance their market position and increase brand exposure.
    Increasing number of customers is looking for reliable and trustworthy brands in the market to meet their specific applications and demand for add-on services.
    Air pollution regulations, growing environmental and health concerns of end customers continue to be driving forces for users to adopt new coatings technologies and customized products.