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2012 Guangzhou International Exhibition For Textile Machinery

2012 Guangzhou International Exhibition For Textile Machinery

    Date: From November 09, 2012 09:00 until November 11, 2012 18:00

    Location: China Import and Export Complex

    Hosted by: GuangDong ZhenWei GuoZhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

    The 12nd Guangzhou International Exhibition for Textile Machinery

    Exhibit scope
    1.Weaving preparatory machinery, weaving machinery Loom, rapierloom, airjet loom, jacquard, non-woven fabric machine, and weft accumulator Non-woven fabric line, spinning machine for environment protect Preparatory and auxiliary machine for knitting and hosiery industry.
    2. Cirular knitting machine, knitting machine, hosiery machine.
    3. Washing, bleaching, dyeing machine, printing, finishing, sewing-thread machine
    Crabbing, desizing, bleach, washing, fulling, dyeing, printing, raising, dryer, damping ager, steaming machine and apparatus, decatising, raising, polishing machine, grinding machine for shearing-blade and shearing cylinder, suede finishing machine, other finishing machine, color mixing system, card clothing machinery.
    4. Spinning machinery and twisting machines, wadding, texturing, screen, non-woven-fabric, rope-making, man-made fibre, felting and hat-making, Twister¡¯s machinery. Double twist frames, willowing machinery, bale plucker, bale breakers, carding machines, feeder machines, screen printing machines.
    5. Twisting machine, worsted system, spinning machine, reeling machine, Reeling machinery, pin winde, Winding machinery , pin winder, raising machine, draw frame

    The 12th Guangzhou International Exhibition for Dye Industry & Textile Chemical Industrial Technology

    Exhibit scope
    1. Dyes: disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dyes, basic dye, vat dye, sulfur dye, Indigo, sulphur black, etc;
    2. Organic pigments: coating printing paste, color masterbatch, kinds of intermediates,etc;
    3.Textile auxiliaries, before printing & dyeing auxiliaries, colorants, dispersant, softener, penetrant, stabilizer, dye, thickener, adhesives and various finishing auxiliary, etc;
    4. Fiber-grademonomer, catalyst, preparation agent, enzyme products and other various textile chemicals;
    5. Textile industry environmental technology, quality certification system and analytical testing and monitoring, production, printing and dyeing, wastes treatment equipment, etc.

    The 12th Guangzhou International Exhibition for Apparel Fabrics & Accessories

    Exhibit scope
    1. Fabric: Linen, Silk, Cotton, Chemical Fibre, Wool, Knitting, Coating Fabric, all kinds of complex fabric, functional fabric, defend static, defend oil, waterproof, firre-retardant, radiation protection fabric, silky luster of mercerized fabric, glistening fabric, elasticity fabric, non-woven, and nanometer technology, etc.
    2. Yarns, Fibre: knitting yarn, tatting yarn, socks yarn, clothing yarn, imitates design yarn of wool yarn, fancy yarn, synthetic fibre, etc.
    3. Accessories: Embroidering, lace, lining, button, thread bringing, trademark, fittings, zipper, clothes hanger, etc.
    4. The design and production system: CAD/CAM, the computer aided designing, produce auxiliary system, design import system, samples, CD, specialized newspaper, magazine, etc.