China Bakery Exhibition 2012

China Bakery Exhibition 2012

    Date: May 18-May 20, 2012
    Location: Guangzhou
    Trade show organizer info:
    All-China Bakery Association

    China Bakery Exhibition baking serves as China's first professional exhibition, Asia's largest exhibition hall in the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex, the success of the fifteenth session of the exhibition, which has never stopped for 15 years and has become closer with the baking industry.The exhibition in the Pavilion Hall A, 2.2 to 5.2, a total of four exhibition exhibition area amounting to approximately 45,000 square meters, 692 exhibitors, invite professional visitors from 40 countries, totaling over 60,000 people. This exhibition covers the baking industry baking raw materials, additives, production lines, equipment, appliances business, packaging equipment, packaging design, manufacturing companies to provide management, training, technical services, the whole industrial chain. With the expansion of the exhibition, exhibition events, exhibition information platform for continuous improvement, the influence of rising, the service concept and the organizational model has been baking at home and abroad enterprises, attention and recognition, this exhibition in Hong Kong Maxim's, Seth up, plus benefits, Saimai, Wei Long, Hao Sheng, Zhu Jiang Lianrong, just odd, Mido, Wing Yip, Lesaffre, the three can spend Emperor, Tao Tao Ju, Chang Gang and other well-known bakery brands together several debut exhibition. In addition, the exhibition starting from the needs of the industry, combined with the development trend of China baking industry, in particular, introduced a technology exchange activities (baking Beat Hui), management communication activities (baking cultural and economic forums, etc.), composite baking marketing Drink production (coffee cultural festival, etc.) and other rich content


    Exhibition Range

    ¡ô Baking equipment for processing, molding, and packaging
    ¡ô Raw materials and equipment for western restaurant, cafˇ§¦ and bar
    ¡ô Bakery display facility, kitchen equipment and refrigerator
    ¡ô Flour, yeast, Premix, frozen dough
    ¡ô Oil, cream, dairy products
    ¡ô Chocolate, filling, nutlet, fruits, and canned food
    ¡ô Packaging design, production, and raw materials for packaging
    ¡ô Chocolate products, model, candle, cake decoration
    ¡ô Books, training and corporate management system related to baking


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