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Dongguan 3-C Expo: 1000 Free Booths Offered

Dongguan 3-C Expo: 1000 Free Booths Offered

    The 11th International Computer Communication & Consumer Products Expo (3-C Expo) will be held from October 14 through to October 16, 2009 in the Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Center. The 3-C Expo will focus on promoting enterprises in their transformation and domestic sales capacity. Accordingly, the expo will provide breakthroughs in orientation and classification of exhibition areas.

    The Expo will include four professional exhibition areas and a large-scale procurement and negotiation area for purchasing enterprises. The professional exhibition areas will include computer parts, electronic parts and equipment, 3-C Information Center, Office-Automation products and software. Overall, there will be 1200 booths covering almost 25, 000 sq.m. This exhibition will be more than 5, 000 sq.m larger than that of the previous year.

    In order to help relieve burdens carried by exhibiting enterprises, 1000 booths have been sponsored by the government will be offered to selected enterprises for free, among which 900 have been assigned for enterprises in Dongguan and 100 for those outside of Dongguan. Currently, more than 800 booths have been allocated.

    As the insiders from the organizing committee of the expo introduced, applicant enterprises should meet the following three requirements; they should have professional products, have high sci-tech capabilities and have competitive status in the electronics market. There is a quota-based allocation system in place for each town and district according to their respective level of development in the electronic information industry.

    The organizing committee of the expo also revealed that the first 5000 VIP purchasers registered will be granted free accommodation and transportation to the computer and electronics market in several key cities around the Pearl River Delta, as well as to the Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou airports.