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Canton Police Seize 1.5 Tons Of Fake Coins

Canton Police Seize 1.5 Tons Of Fake Coins

    Police display counterfeit coins during a press conference in Foshan city of south China's Guangdong province on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. [Photo: Guangzhou Daily]

    Police in Foshan of south China's Guangdong province said at a press conference on Wednesday that they had arrested seven people and seized over 220,000 counterfeit coins in one yuan denomination, weighing some 1.5 tons, the Guangzhou Daily reports on Thursday.

    The Foshan police said that a woman, named Liu, and her driver were stopped by police when they were seen behaving suspiciously around a Foshan bus station on June 26. The police then seized 18,000 counterfeit one yuan coins at the scene and captured a buyer with 1,100 such counterfeit coins.

    The photo taken on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 shows the counterfeit coins seized by police. [Photo: Guangzhou Daily]

    Following the seizure, the police raided Liu's home in Guangzhou and found 200,000 more counterfeit one yuan coins wrapped in packages.

    Based on Liu's statement, Foshan police cooperated with police in Loudi of central China's Hunan province where the fake coins originated and smashed five fake coins plants in Loudi in July, arresting over twenty people in possession of 1,170,000 fake one yuan coins.

    The Foshan police also told the media that compared with the counterfeit coins, the authentic coins are heavier in weight and has clearer features with "RMB" on its side face.