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The China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE)
Update: 7/12/2009 12:53:00 AM Source: Shenzhen Hotels

The Event
The China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is a worldwide renowned exhibition, which presents the most advanced optoelectronic technologies and innovations.

The CIOE 2009 expects around 2,100 exhibitors to showcase products on 70,000 sqm from September 6-9. During the four days, more than 85,000 professional visitors will attend the exhibition. It is supported by all relevant Chinese government bodies, scientific academies, trade associations, and by domestic as well as international key players of the industry.

Opening Hours
Sunday, 6. September 2009: 9:00 ¡¡ìC 16:00
Monday, 7. September 2009: 9:00 ¡¡ìC 17:00
Tuesday, 8. September 2009: 9:00 ¡¡ìC 17:00
Wednesday, 9. September 2009: 9:00 ¡¡ìC 16:00

Ministry of Commerce, P. R. China
Ministry of Science and Technology, P. R. China
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P. R. China
Chinese Academy of Sciences
China Electronics Technology Group Corporation
Singapore Manufacturers¡¯ Federation (SMa)
Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA)

China Association for Science and Technology
Shenzhen BMC Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd.

CIOE 2009 Events
Co-located Science and Technology Awards Exhibition
Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the organizing committee of the CIOE and the National Office for Science and Technology Awards co-organize ¡¡ãThe State Scientific and Technology (Optoelectronics) Progress Award Exhibition¡¡À. The exhibition that will be held concurrently with the CIOE will display the achievements and products of China¡¯s optoelectronic and hi-tech industries of the past five years. The main exhibits are optoelectronic projects that won the State Natural Science Award, the National Tech & Invention Award, and the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award as well as registered hi-tech projects and products.

At the launch of the first Science and Technology Awards Exhibition, products, pictures, videos, and descriptions of the awarded technologies and registered high-tech projects will be presented on 3,000 square meters. The CIOE will provide a unique platform to commercialize these scientific and technological achievements.

LED Lighting Conference
The first high-class LED Forum ¡¡ìC the China International LED Materials and Components Seminar ¡¡ìC will be held during the exhibition period. The topics of this forum are LED lighting technology and its development strategies. It will focus on LED industry guidelines and policies, technical difficulties, LED markets, intellectual property rights, and other hot topics. The forum is co-organized by the Department of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the organizing committee of the CIOE. The China Association for Science and Technology, the China Solid State Lighting Alliance, and other local specialized associations and institutions sponsor the event. Governmental representatives, market-leading enterprises of the LED industry, and LED specialists are invited to attend the conference.

China Optics Forum
The China Optics Forum will be launched as the premier academic event during the CIOE. Chaired by Prof. Dr. Michael Pfeffer, President of the German Society of Applied Optics (DGaO), and Prof. Zhou Binkun, President of the Chinese Optical Society, a committee of renowned experts will set up the conference program and invite leading optics specialists and R&D experts from international research institutes and optical enterprises. The forum will focus on the topics optical design, optical manufacturing as well as optical measurement and applications and will present the most advanced applied optic technologies at the CIOE. It will play an important role in giving optical enterprises important insights into future technological developments.

Matchmaking activities provide good business opportunities
Inviting trade buyers and improving the exhibition service is the first priority of the CIOE 2009. The 4th highlight of the CIOE 2009 is a matchmaking platform for face-to-face business communication. The CIOE will pre-arrange meetings with related governmental purchasing departments, carriers, and advertisers. Exhibitors will be able to obtain the latest market information about new product and technology trends and potential business opportunities.

Product Presentation Forums in each exhibition hall
In 2009, the CIOE will set up presentation forums for new products and technologies in each exhibition hall that will provide excellent marketing opportunities. Exhibitors are invited to present their new products and technologies in direct communication with a large audience. The forums are perfect platforms to promote enterprises, brands, and products and will help to attract more buyers in the halls of the CIOE. This onsite interactive event will enhance the communication between exhibitors and visitors and will certainly result in many unexpected opportunities.

Co-located Optical Radiation Measurement Conference
The 2009 Conference of the Optical Radiation Measurement Committee of the Chinese Society for Measurement will be held concurrently with the CIOE. It is co-organized by the Center Testing International Corporation and the CIOE. Apart from onsite communication on optical measurement and optoelectronic detection, the conference will also offer a lecture and training on optoelectronic export certification and quality control of optoelectronic products. Chinese optoelectronic enterprises planning to explore international markets will benefit strongly from this event.

Evening banquet on the opening day
On the evening of September 6, 2009, the CIOE will arrange a large evening banquet. Governmental leaders and optoelectronic professionals will come together to share the prospect of a promising future for the optoelectronic industry.

Industry leaders, technical specialists, manufacturers, and key buyers are invited to find new business opportunities while enjoying a varied buffet. The evening banquet will be one of the events that make the CIOE 2009 the leading platform for future business development.

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