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The 4th Dresche International Solar-Energy and PV-project (Shenzhen) Exhibition
Update: 7/12/2009 12:22:00 AM Source: Solar Energy Shenzhen

The 4th Dresche International Solar-Energy and PV-project (Shenzhen) Exhibition will be a huge Exhibition which is approved by Guangdong Province Foreign Economy and Trade Cooperation Office, Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau, Shenzhen Development and Reform Bureau;Sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Solar Energy Society, Solar Energy Purchase Guideline, Photovoltaic Branch of Chinese Renewable Energy Society;Organized by Sino-Germany Economic Exhibition Union and Shenzhen Dresche Exhibition & Planning Co., Ltd., and also is the key project supported by municipal government in Shenzhen, as well as the furthest influence and professional exhibition in solar engergy and PV industry in China.

The last exhibition reviewed
The 3rd Dresche International Solar Energy and PV Project Exhibition had been collected various products which included domestic and oveaseas' PV, solar energy photoelectric, solar energy heat utility, wind power, and bio-energy products, etc. The main exhibitors are corporations in which from overseas,national, HK, Taiwan, Macao's, all of them are best known in the world. There were 200 companies on exhibition, and 15,000 professional visitors in which from China accounted for 51.7%, overseas' 25.8%, HK, Taiwan, Macao's 22.5%.

This 3rd exhibition have been achieved recognization from the leaders and experts in this industry. The leaders of related departments presented opening and the ribbon cutting ceremony included: Dinghuan Shi, Chairman of Chinese Renewable Energy Society (Counselor of Council State);Lishi Wen, academician of China academy of Science;Yuwen, Zhao, director of Photovoltaic Branch of Chinese Renewable Energy Society;Professor Hui Shen, the director of Institution for Solar Energy System, Sun Yat-sen University;Yimin Shang, secretary-general of International Green Industry and Organization;Guohui Gao, secretary-general of Shenzhen People's Government;Rongfang Huang, the member of Metal Institution to China Institution;Minghua, lv, councillor of HK SAR Legislation Committee£»Guangming Xie, the member of Beijing Solar-energy Studying Institution, Secretary of Shenzhen Science Union and CPC Organization;Lei Yue, director of Shenzhen Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utility Office;Nanan, Zhang, the secretary of Shenzhen Soalr-energy Society;Professor Rongqing, Cui, the director of PV Institution for Shanghai Jiaotong University;Shaochun, Chen, the dean of Guangzhou Coloured Metal Institution;Professor Yi Tan, Matiral Science and Engineering Department of Dalian University of Technology;Fudong Cao, director of Shenzhen Municipal Association Economy Science and Technology Committee;Zhanglai, deputy director of Shenzhen Trade Industry Bureau;Xiaoxi Wang, deputy director of Shenzhen Safe Production and Supervise Bereau;Yu Cai, director of Shenzhen Development and Reform Energy Layout Division;Xiaofen, Xu, director of Shenzhen Technology and Information Bureau, Erjan, Gao, director of Shenzhen Construction Bureau;Janguo Zhu, director of Shenzhen Technology Union, etc.

The new exhibition's condition
The 4th Dresche China International Solar-Energy and PV-project(Shenzhen) Exhibition will be held on Shenzhen Exhibition Center From 8th to 10th, November,2008. We will make further endeavor to organize the leading corporation to attend exhibition in related industries in China;elaborately organize technology exchange activity, strengthen every service works, attract more famous domestic and overseas corportation to attend this exhibition, organize more professional and consumer to attend;put more effort on propagation for Exhibition and its exhibiting corporations for which we will do our best to provide them more and better business opportunities and technologic information's services.
We warmly welcome you to attend the 4th Dresche International Solar-Energy and PV-project Exhibition in Shenzhen, China.

Exhibition Schedule

Move time: November 2009, 5-6

The opening of the session: at 9:30 on November 7, 2009

At the time: November 2009, 7-9

Dismantling time: November 9, 2009 at 16:00

Editor: canton fair

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