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Guangzhou 2009 Flower Market Opens

Guangzhou 2009 Flower Market Opens

    Guangzhou's first Spring Festival flower market in 2009 has been opened recently in the Flower Expo Garden in the city's Liwan (former Fangcun) district. This flower market with the largest scale in Guangzhou is lasting for over 20 days until Jan. 24th.

    It is expected that price of some common species of flower will be 10% lower than last year's due to the world financial crisis. However, some other valuable species such as Cymbidium will be more expensive due to the fewer imports.

    Moreover, flowerpots are becoming popular this year. The price of an automatic sprinkler and temperature measurement of high-tech flowerpot is as high as 4,000 Yuan (585 USD).

    (by Wing Chan)