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Foreigner on Trial for Fraud in Shenzhen
Update: 8/14/2008 3:28:00 AM Source: Shenzhen Hotels


A Cameroonian man is on trial in Shenzhen for allegedly cheating a Shenzhen woman out of 300,000 yuan (US$43,700) by convincing her it was possible to turn paper into money. The man, known only as Akama, pleaded not guilty to the charges Monday in court, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

Akama was said to have joined an Internet chatroom using the alias "Steve," where he met a Shenzhen woman, surnamed Pang, last August. The two began chatting regularly, and two months later, Akama, whose wife had returned to Africa, moved into Pang's apartment in Shenzhen.

He claimed that he was from Chicago, where his deceased parents had left him an inheritance of US$5 million? a sum that was in the process of being moved to Shenzhen through a diplomat in Hong Kong.

Shortly after the two started living together, Akama claimed that half the sum had already reached China, and had been brought to the Shangri-La Hotel by his younger brother "Max."

Then, claiming he did not have enough money on him, Akama convinced Pang to lend him US$3,100 to pay the "transfer fee."

The two men later returned to Pang's home, and stated that before the money could be used it needed to be treated with a lotion. Max then took 10 sheets of paper, printed with dollar signs, from his bag, placed them in a basin, and poured a bottle of liquid over them. A short while later Max reached into the basin and produced 40 US$100 bills.

Falling completely for the "turning paper to money" ruse, Pang agreed to pay a further 300,000 yuan for more of the liquid in return for a 10 percent cut of Akama's US$130,000.

On Nov. 7 last year, Pang gave Akama the 300,000 yuan she had promised. Akama then disappeared until he was apprehended by police several months later.

In court Monday, Akama claimed that Pang was his girlfriend, and denied duping her. When questioned about the US$5 million, Akama said that he was merely repeating what his brother had told him to say.

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