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Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2008
Update: 6/20/2008 3:43:00 PM Source: hong kong hotel


09 Sep 2008 11 Sep 2008
Focus on Excellence Brings Continued Success

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong is one of the Asian exhibition industry¡¯s greatest success stories.  Now in its fifth event the next show in September 2008 is set for exceptional growth.  It is the fastest growing exhibition for the hospitality sector in Asia Pacific because if its record of delivering a high spending professional audience. It launched with a unique positioning targeting a niche ¡¡ìC top-quality hospitality operators. 

Most other food and beverage shows attempt to deliver the whole market from top to bottom and the entire food market including retail, bakery, fast food and confectionary.  Restaurant & Bar¡¯s top quality focus has brought it great success over the last five years.  It is now proven beyond doubt.  It does not have the risks or uncertainties associated with new shows being launched all the time!

The event is geographically focussed too.  It targets just Hong Kong, Macau and the Guangdong region (encompassing 1st tier cities Shenzhen & Guangzhou).  This is the most attractive market in Asia in terms of size, growth and sophistication.  Throughout these areas the economies are booming and Guangdong province has seen such rapid economic development that it contains a high proportion of the mainland's biggest spenders.

Hong Kong continues to play its key role as Asia Pacific¡¯s most international city.  It is the universally recognised gateway to mainland China which has seen consistent double-digit growth.  Hong Kong¡¯s strong economic expansion has brought about some 325 000 new jobs since 2003 pushing the unemployment rate down to a record low. The equity market is at record highs and its stock market is now the world¡¯s sixth biggest.  Hong Kong is seeing a strong continuing above-trend growth of GDP. 

Incoming visitor trips are soaring and forecast to increase to over 26 million in 2007.  Restaurants and hotels saw double digit growth of turnover in 2006.  The region is increasing its appeal as a tourist destination rather than just a two night stopover/ shopping break, making this a market where healthy profits can be made.

Macau has registered year-on-year GDP increases of more than 25 percent.  A rapid rise in the number of mainland visitors because of China¡¯s easing of restrictions on travel, increased public works expenditures, and significant investment inflows associated with the liberalization of Macau¡¯s gaming industry drove the recovery.

The number of hotel and restaurant employees is posting increases of 35 per cent year on year.  There are today over 10,000 hotel rooms in Macau but what is available today is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what will be available in a few years. By 2009, Macau is expected to have well over 30,000 hotel rooms

The single tourist zone of Hong Kong-Macau is coming and could draw 100 million visitors a year.  This is an immensely exciting and important food service market that must not be ignored.

What makes Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong so appealing:

Focus on top-quality foodservice and the bar market
This is where the standards and margins are highest.  Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong is the strongest trade show in the region for fine food, wine and the fast growing spirits and cocktails market

Delivers the Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong market
This is the region¡¯s most sophisticated and fastest growing economy

Attendees are the buyers and end users
Chefs, F&B managers, wine buyers, bar managers and owners and directors ¡¡ìC rather than the suppliers, distributors and junior staff prevalent in other shows

The show is now proven beyond doubt
The near 100% rebooking rate by last year¡¯s exhibitors and the event¡¯s growing prestigious reputation have been hard earned by delivering profitable new business for participants

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2008 is without doubt the most original and exciting business event for the region¡¯s hospitality industry set for another record-breaking show in September 2008.

Editor: canton fair

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