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7 Injured in Homemade Bomb Attack in Guangdong

7 Injured in Homemade Bomb Attack in Guangdong


    SEVEN people were injured when a man threw two self-made bombs at the gate of a shopping mall in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, a newspaper said yesterday.

    Security guards at Shunyuanfeng Shopping Mall in the city's Chang'an Town handed a man to police whom they said had thrown a bomb onto a stage in front of the mall about 9pm on 16 March, Guangzhou Daily reported.

    A promotional event was taking place on the stage at that time and had attracted a big crowd, the report said.

    A security guard's eyes were injured when he failed to stop the man from igniting the second bomb, which was put inside a glass bottle, the report said, citing other security guards.

    The man's business rival sponsored the promotion, according to some sources that spoke to the newspaper.

    The injured victims are now hospitalized. The bomb contained nails, which caused most of the injuries, the report said.

    The police are investigating the case, the report added. (By Lydia Chen)