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"Polo Birth" Temple Fair

"Polo Birth" Temple Fair


    The forth Guangzhou Folk Festival will kick off March 16 at the Naihai Sea God Temple. The 7-day event will feature Huangpu Millennium "Polo Birth" Temple Fair, a tremendous gala of the tradition.


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    On the day of opening ceremony, a Pearl River day cruise linking the Tianzi Dock and Naihai Sea God Temple will be embarked. The route across the Huangpu Harbor will be fixing after the gala.

    The festival has attracted over 1.5 million visitors from Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta in the past three year. It is on the list of the provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage and is hoped to apply for the national-level.

    During the gala, admission to the Naihai Sea God Temple is RMB 20.