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Guangzhou Embraces Her 2,222 Years Birthday

Guangzhou Embraces Her 2,222 Years Birthday


    2008 is a special and remarkable year for Guangzhou. This over 2000-year-old south China city welcomes her 2,222 birthday in the same year with China's big event, the 2008 Olympic Games. Also the four "2" lucky numbers are rarely seen in history, said Li Minghua, president of the Guangdong Cultural Association.

    The year 214 BC (the 33rd year of Qin dynasty) was the beginning year of Guangzhou city, according to history research which is admitted by the Guangzhou government.

    Li released that, series of cultural activities like forums, exhibitions of painting and photos will be launched in the near future to celebrate Guangzhou's 2,222 birthday, which is also a good time to develop the city and to get more to understand the Lingnan (south China) Culture.

    Glorious history of Guangzhou:

    Guangzhou was the starting place for ancient China's Marine Silk Road.

    Guangzhou is an important trading port of China since more that 2000 years ago.

    Guangzhou is the earliest window for cultural exchange between China and other countries.

    Modern China's newspaper industry began in Guangzhou.