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Canton guangzhou city information - Guangzhou Travel Guide
Update: 9/2/2008 1:22:00 AM Source: Guangzhou hotels


Guangzhou, a famous cultural city with a history of over 2,210 years, is among the first 24 historic and cultural cities published by the State Council. Its long history has left Guangzhou with a number of scenic spots and historical sites, e.g. The Tomb Museum of the King of Southern Yue in Western Han Period, Chen Clan Temple, Six Banyan Temple, Zhenhai Tower, Guangxiao Temple, Sanyuan Temple, Memorial Mosque to the Prophet, Sacred Heart Church, The Taoist Temple of Five Immortals, and the Divine Temple of South Sea, each of which being a lively witness to the historic and cultural city of Guangzhou.
Discovered in Guangzhou, the traces of the shipyard in the Qin and Han period have shown that Guangzhou had reached quite a high standard in ship-building technology and capabilities as early as over 2000 years ago. In the history of ancient Lingnan(south of the Five Ridges, the area covering Guangdong and Guangxi), Guangzhou had been made the capital, one after another, by the three local feudal authorities of Nanyue (Southern Yue), Nanhan (Southern Han) and Nanming (Southern Ming).
Guangzhou is also an important cradle of modern civilization as well as the place of origin for the Chinese revolution in modern history. Such great historical events as opium destroying at Humen, the anti-British movement at Sanyuanli, the Huanghuagang uprising in the period of the 1911 Revolution, and the Guangzhou Uprising took place here in Guangzhou, thus there are such historic sites as Huanghuagang, Huangpu Military Academy, the Institute of the Peasant Movement in Guangzhou, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, etc.
Guangzhou enjoys favorable geographical location, with beautiful natural landscape and abundant tourism resources. Tourist attractions like Baiyun Mountain, Conghua hot spring, Furongzhang, Lotus Hill, the Water World at Jiulongtan and the Liuxi River National Forest Park, etc. have rich cultural connotation and distinctive local specialties. Guangzhou proper is dotted by numerous parks, such as Yuexiu Park, Liuhua Lake Park, Tianhe Park, Dongshan Lake Park, the Orchid Garden, Guangzhou Zoo and so on, and the recently-built Yuntai Garden, the Sculpture Park. Each park or garden has its own specialties, with nice and tranquil surroundings, shades of green trees, being really a good place to go for a walk and leisure. 
Recent years have found Guangzhou's tourist attractions springing up rapidly one after another. A batch of large-scale attractions, with distinctive specialties and rich connotation have come into being, ranging from the several-years-ago's Dongfang Amusement Park, Grand World Scenic Park, the Flying Dragon World, the Feitu Fantasy Studio, to the present Xiangjiang Safari World, the Ocean World, Space Flight Spectacle, hence scenic spots can be said as varied as can be. The construction of scenic spots in Guangzhou has never been so brilliant. To date, Guangzhou boasts 123 historical sites protected by the state, and 40-odd tourist attractions.

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