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The 102nd Canton Fair Introduction
Update: 9/28/2007 3:21:00 PM Source: kanton fair


Chinese Export Commodities Fair(, also called Canton Fair, is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn since it was inaugurated in the Spring of 1957. Since 1957 the Canton Fair has been expanded in scale and influence through many times of reforms, with the contracted value standing for about one third of China's general exports, and is known as "the best exposition in China".

Forty-seven Trading Delegations, being composed of thousands of China's best foreign trade corporations (enterprises) with good credibility and sound financial capabilities, take part in the Fair, including foreign trade companies, factories, scientific research institutions, foreign invested enterprises, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, private enterprises, etc.

Officially approved by the Ministry of Commerce, PRC, the 102nd Chinese Export Commodities Fair (CECF) held from Oct. 15 to 30, 2005, will be remarkably enlarged. The two complexes, the CECF Complex at Pazhou and the CECF Complex at Liuhua Road, will be put into use simultaneously. In accordance with the statistic standard of AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) the 101st CECF will stand 3 among the world's annual exhibitions.

Facing the new situations and tasks after China's WTO accession, Canton Fair shall, on one hand, retain its traditional advantages, and on the other hand, keep on reforming and innovating to find out better operational patterns of the Fair. It is believed that with service functions being diversified and the range of services expanded, the Canton Fair will be built into a dynamic trade exposition and a great event of international significance.

According to Mr. Hu Chusheng, Secretary General of the CECF and Director of China Foreign Trade Centre, the 102nd CECF will be conducted in two phases and at two venues simultaneously. After a tentative operation at the 94th session the CECF Complex at Pazhou will be put into use at the 95 th CECF. The coming CECF is going to cover a gross exhibition space of 540,000 M2;, namely net exhibition space of 243,000 M2; and has 27,000 international standard booths, among which 7,500 booths in each phase in CECF Complex at Pazhou and 6,000 in each phase in CECF Complex at Liuhua Road.

The 102nd CECF will exhibit 5 categories of products in 35 sections. The 5 categories are: Industrial products, Textiles and Garments, Foodstuff and Medicines, Gifts and Consumer Goods.

PHASE I April 15-20 CECF Complex at Pazhou
Industrial Products
1. Household Electrical Appliances
2. Electronics, IT Products
3. Lamps, Light Fixtures
4. Tools
5. Machinery and Equipment
6. Small Vehicles, Spare Parts
7. Hardware
8. Building Materials
9. Chemical Products, Mineral Products
10. Vehicles, Construction Machinery
CECF Complex at Liuhua Road
Textiles and Garments / Foodstuff and Medicines
1. Garments
2. Household Textiles
3. Carpets
4. Raw Textile
5. Artex
6. Furs, Leathers, Downs, Down Products
7. Foodstuff, Tea
8. Medicines, Health Products, Hospital Equipment
PHASE II April 25-30 CECF Complex at Pazhou
Consumer Goods
1. Articles of Daily Use
2. Native Produce, Animal By-Products
3. Furniture
4. Ceramics
5. Houseware, Kitchenware, Tableware
6. Footware, Headgear
7. Cases, Bags
8. Sporting Goods, Tour Equipments, Casual Goods
9. Stone and Iron Products (Outdoor Area)
CECF Complex

at Liuhua Road

1. Gifts
2. Decorations
3. Toys
4. Wickerwork Articles
5. Horticultural Products
6. Clocks, Watches, Optical Instruments
7. Office Supplies
8. Jewellery, Bone Carvings, Jade Carvings


The period of Octil 21 to 24 is for the exhibition preparation of Phase II. For the details you can click here!

While properly increasing the amount of exhibition booths, the 101st CECF pays more attention to the upgrade of exhibition quality. The number of booths for famous-brand products and new products reach 2600, 80% up than that of the 94th CECF. Famous-Brand Product Showcases are set up for the first time to strengthen the display of brand products and to add additional effects on them. This measure strongly supports the export strategy of "Win By Quality".

On the basis of enlarge exhibition scale, the 101st CECF adjusts the arrangement of exhibit categories and exhibition sections with more exhibition specialization in order to attract more buyers. Among all exhibition sections, 12 have become large ones with the number of standard booths exceeding 1000. The Garments Section has 2186 booths and that is very near to the scale of a medium-sized Chinese exhibition.

Owing to the remarkably improved exhibition space, condition and facilities, the 101st CECF will see a higher level of overall display. 30% of each exhibition hall in the CECF Complex at Pazhou and the whole first floor of Exhibition Hall 1-10 in the CECF Complex at Liu Hua Road are Key Exhibition Areas, in which all the booths will be specially decorated. These Areas will cover 140,000 M2 and the scale of only this part will surpass that of any other single Chinese exhibitions. At the 101st session all exhibiting enterprises shall have at least one booth or even more. Sharing one booth by two or more enterprises has become a part of history. Designed specially and the total area will amount to 140,000 M2 which surpasses any separate exhibition of the largest scale at home now. Accordingly, every exhibitor at the 101st CECF could enjoy more that one booth and the phenomenon that two or more exhibitors shared one booth will be a history.

Having crossed the threshold of new century, the CECF, whose mission is to "Serve China's Foreign Trade", keeps advancing with the times and has earned attention from all over the world by its fast and deep innovations and reforms. As Mr. Hu introduced, the CECF held the grand celebration of the 90th CECF in 2001, took the arrangement by phases at the 91st session in 2002 and took a tentative operation of the CECF (Pazhou) Complex in 2003. Now in 2005, the CECF will be enlarged once again. Therefore, only judging from exhibition scale, the CECF has seen continual bounds from 8,000 booths to 15,600, then to 18,400 and now to 27,000 at the 101st CECF. These leaps are the outcome of the CECF's efforts to adapt itself to the new situation, in which China has been further involved into the world economy after joined the WTO, maintained a good momentum of growth in the national economy, especially in foreign trade. The number of all domestic enterprises that have foreign trade license amounted to nearly 110,000 by the end of 2003 while in 2002 there were 60,000. According to China's commitment to the WTO, the limitation on foreign trade license will be lifted at a faster speed in the future and the majority of enterprises, which engage in export, will be increased in number and will be more diversified in structure. This trend also answers why the CECF has kept expansion over the past few years but still fail to meet the great demands of foreign trade enterprises which are growing even faster and their calls for international market. In the meanwhile, more and more buyers are expecting the CECF continues to put its advantage of "One-Stop Sourcing" into play while making its exhibition more specialized, enabling the buyers from over 200 countries and regions to realize their wish for "A tour at the Fair saves a tour around China". To sum up, the moderate expansion of the 101st CECF makes it possible to meet the needs of both exhibitors and buyers, moreover, lays a solid foundation for "the China's No. 1 Fair" to reinforce its place, to enhance its international influence and to build a much larger and stronger CECF.

Mr. Hu Chusheng also added, the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the Government of Guangdong Province, which host the CECF, attach great importance to the 101st CECF. They have made intensive dispositions and strict requirements on exhibition organization and visitors invitation to ensure the success of the 101st session. For over 47 years, the Government of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Municipality and relative departments have spared no efforts in giving consistent and strong supports to and showing generous solicitude for the development of the CECF, from the construction of the new fair complex at Pazhou to its tentative operation. With a larger scale, the number of exhibitors of the 101st Session will exceed 80,000. If everything goes normally, the number of attendants both from home and abroad is estimated to be over 300,000, which will bring about considerable economic and social benefits to Guangzhou city and its surrounding areas. He believed that with the -scaled operation of the new complex and the remarkable expansion of the CECF, the people of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality will make greater contribution to the development of the CECF

Editor: canton fair

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