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Frequently Asked Questions about Canton Fair
Update: 9/28/2007 3:17:00 PM Source: kanton fair


1. Questions concerning the application for invitations

How could an overseas company's representative office in China mainland apply for an Invitation Card? What kind of information is essential for the application?
Chinese employees in overseas company's representative offices in China mainland are requested to apply to CECF Foreign Liaison Department for invitation card by presenting such documents (copy form acceptable) as Business Certificate, Employee Certificate and ID Card, at least two months in advance. Registration is accepted on the strength of the invitation card (on the one-person, one-card basis) extended by the Fair and the documents required.
Foreign employees in overseas company's representative offices in China mainland follow the same application procedure as mentioned in question, namely, his or her company's name, detailed company address as well as contacting numbers.

Could an overseas business person visit the Canton fair without an Invitation? Yes but the person has to pay RMB 110 or HKD 100 service charge, which is valid for 12 days.

When is the deadline for the application?
March 30 (Autumn Fair) and September 30 (Autumn Fair)

Could an application be transmitted in the way of e-mail, fax besides post? Yes. An overseas businessperson could submit his or her application through fax, mail as well as e-mail as long as it contains the essential information required.

Could a valid invitation card be sent in the way of e-mail, fax besides post? Normally an invitation card is sent out by post. In case of emergence, the Fair may send a card through fax and the fax copy of the card is acceptable. However transmitting an invitation card through e-mail is the least desirable one and is rarely used.

How many business people could share one card?
Up to three businesspeople from the same company can share one invitation card.

If over 3 persons from the same company would visit the Fair, how could them notify the issuing institution of the Fair for the extra card?
Just specify in fax, mail or e-mail the number of people attending the fair.

If an overseas business person has got one Invitation Card and he or she would like to invite a local agent or friend to accompany him or her to visit the fair, is the card valid still for that Chinese citizen? Could a Chinese citizen visit the Fair on an individual basis?
No. Only a Chinese citizen working in an overseas company's representative office in China mainland could visit the Fair. In case a Chinese employee in a overseas company's representative office has got no Invitation Card from the Fair organizer, he or she has to present the copies of three identification papers and pay RMB 300 per day for the service charge.

How could an overseas business person get a visitor's card?
Fair visitors should get registered before they visit the Fair and have their Visitor Cards stamped and confirmed upon registration at Gate 1 of the Fair Complex. Access to the Fair is granted only to those with confirmed Visitor Cards. Documents required at registration include:
Invitation Card extended by the Fair.
Personal papers ( passport, H.K./Macao I.D. Card or Residence Permit, Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate, or a Chinese passport with at least one-year foreign visa ).
Business Card.
A most recent personal photo. ( 5cmx4cm )


2. Questions concerning the visa applications

How could an overseas businessperson apply for a visa?
Entry visa to Guangzhou is granted against the invitation card. For this purpose, kindly approach the Embassy of P. R. China with the Invitation Card. The following three points should be noticed:
a. In the absence of a Chinese Embassy in your country, kindly approach the Embassy (Consulate) of P. R. China in a neighboring country.
b. Approach the Visa Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P. R. China in Hong Kong, if you travel to Guangzhou via that city.

What if an overseas businessperson would like to get a multi-entree visa for his or her convenience?
Please contact the local P. R. China's Embassy (Consulate) for consultance.


3. Questions concerning the reservations for interpreters

Which kind of language service could the Fair provide?
The Fair provide language service for English, French, German, Arabic, Japanese and Spanish.

How to reserve an interpreter for the future use?
Please contact Wentrip SearviceTeam by email us in advance and confirm later. If you are not sure about your need, please contact the Registration Office at Gate 1 of the Fair Complex, upon your arrival in Guangzhou.

What if an overseas businessperson brings along an interpreter of his or her own?
The interpreter has to get an interpreter card with RMB 200 charges per day.


4. About Guangzhou

How about the whether during the Fair in Guangzhou?
The average temperature is 21.8 oC during the Autumn Fair, and 23.8 oC during the Autumn Fair. It is warm but quite humid in Oct., and dry, sunny moderate in October.

How about transportation inside Guangzhou?
It is very convenient with a public traffic network consisting of buses, taxis and subway. Many hotels provide Shuttle Buses to and from the fair Complex for business people every day at fixed times during the Fair. When making a reservation, a pre-request on the Shuttle buses during the fair will save you a lot on travel in Guangzhou.

How can I get to Guangzhou via Hong Kong?
You can get to Guangzhou by planes, non-stop express trains, buses and shuttle ferries from Hong Kong. If you are an group, we can provide the special rate for renting busese with different types from Hongkong and send you directly to the destination in Guangzhou, pls contact with us if you have such request.


5. Other Questions

Which time of the year will the Fair be held?
The Fair is held on biannual basis. The spring and autumn fair session will be held for twelve days from Oct. 15th to 20th Noon, Oct. 25th to 30th Noon and October 15th to 20th Noon, October 25th to 30th Noon respectively.

Could a foreign-owned company rent a booth in the Fair to display its exhibits?
The booths in the fair are strictly for Chinese companies, not for lease for foreign companies.
ASM is holding the On-line trade show for the companies not only from China but also abroad. From here, you can find many kinds of products and also send your buying or selling messages. Join the online show NOW.

How to complain?
During the Fair session, complains about the Fair can be done in the Complain Office at the Fair Complex. After the fair complains should be done in the provincial or municipal Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Co-operation Commission of the region where the complained company locates.

Where to get brief information of all the exhibitors?
The Fair have a Directory magazine of all exhibitors. You may find it on the Distribution Bulletin in the East Corridor of Hall 1.

Do the Fair open in the weekend?
Yes. The Fair is open everyday during our 12 days of exhibition.

How can I find the booth number of a particular company?
By our Scan system in the exhibition halls (free for use).

How can I find a particular kind of products?
By our Scan system in the exhibition halls (free for use).

Where is the Moslem worship?
Right outside Gate 6 of the Fair Complex or Huaisheng Temple on the Guangxiao Road.

Where can the Moslem dine?
There's a Moslem restaurant in the fast-food district inside the Fair Complex. Or may go to the Five Lamps Moslem Restaurant at Zhongshan Liu Lu.

What service does the Fair provide specially for the chain stores?
Firstly, in order to save your time of the visit, The Fair will organize the right suppliers with their samples to meet you in our meeting-room when you inform the Fair your detailed schedule and purchase list beforehand. (That is Face-to-Face communication between buyers and sellers.)

Secondly, The Fair can help you host a seminar on the subject that interests you most during the Fair. Such as seminar on the characteristic of a specific market, seminar on the prospects of a product, etc.

All the service concerning the above items is free.


6. How to attend the Canton Fair?
Please follow the steps as follow:
To get the Application for Invitation.
To get Visa Application.
To get the hotel accommodation and transportation .
To get registration.

Editor: canton fair

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