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The eighth Qianghua refrigeration, heating and ventilating, air conditioning facilities exhibition
Update: 9/28/2007 3:08:00 AM Source: Wentrip


December 11 – 14, 2007, Guangzhou

The annual "Qianghua Refrigeration Equipment Exhibition and Fraternity", whose primary intention is to establish a direct-viewing platform of business between supply and demand, reduce the cost which between supply and demand both sides communicates effectively, promote more cooperation of business, especially it supplies a chance to show the strength of companies. To the companies on the exhibition, and elevate the appearance of companies and expand the market of the local region.

The main feature of "Qianghua Refrigeration Exhibition" is to gather the specialized purchasers all over the country fully, even overseas, Implements the centralism unified agreement to main supply and demand representative, and to create opportunities to exchange, understanding, discussion, cooperation, as much as possible. At the same time, each time the organizers were to be able to hold an information release conference like the market investigation and study, the customer interview, the conclusion of last year's market and forecast of the next year's, peak forum and so on, in order to provide the constructive reference for the attendants. So far, we have organized successfully seven times in big cities, such as Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai and Jinan.

Guangdong, who is besides to Hong Kong, in addition, holds Chinese Export Commodities Fair twice a year, becomes "the World Manufacturing Industry Center" and obtains the good reputation of "Multinational Purchase Center". It has a broad market space on refrigeration products' using, not only in refrigeration profession itself, but also in industry necessary refrigeration profession.

Chinese Export Commodities Fair Complex, is famous all over the world for holding Chinese Export Commodities Fair (also called Canton Fair, well-known as China's NO.1 fair) every year. The Complex, being widely known in China, also enjoys widespread recognition and good reputation among global visitors. The Complex values to the 8th "Qianghua Refrigeration Exhibition" very much, will issue 600,000 materials in order to publicity, recommend and introduce this exhibition on the two "Chinese Export Commodities Fair" in the spring and the autumn of 2007, this will play the huge role for promoting human spirits and excavating results from the exhibition.

As the forefront of the reform and opening to the outside, Guangdong earliest absorbs the advanced thoughts, culture and management principle of thoughts from the west countries, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and so on, and sets up a very strong market consciousness. But these were exactly what our profession businesses lack, were worthy of our studying, ushering in, digesting and absorbing as soon as possible.

Contact method:
Add: Chinese Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex
117, Liuhua Road, Guangzhou, China
Tel: 0086-0731-4317120/4313411
Fax: 0086-0731-4316852
Sponsor Unit: Changsha Qianghua Consultation and Advertisement Co., Ltd.
Undertaking Unit:
The Profession and the Community for Meeting

The refrigeration, heating and ventilation, air conditioning profession and supporting facility, fitting, material ,tool manufacturer, business agent, dealer, project business.

Engineer, expert of Quality Control Department, Expert and Overseeing design institute, professor, expert and student of universities, thermal energy, electric power, water and electricity, metallurgy, mining industry, drugs manufacture, food, drink, hospital, guesthouse, hotel, market, supermarket, financial organization, investment organization, equipment manufacturing industry, architectural engineering company, the installation work company, budget and purchase department of property developer and so on.

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