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2007 Guangzhou International Arts Fair
Update: 9/28/2007 3:12:00 AM Source: Wentrip
2007-11-29 to 2007-12-03
Guangzhou is the art exposition birthplace in China. In 1993 the Chinese art fair conducted in Guangzhou. The Guangzhou International Art Fair is sponsored by the Guangzhou Government, hold by the Guangzhou  Municipal Bureau of Culture, has conducted 10 sessions successfully since 1996, which being one of the most historical art expositions respectively.
The Guangzhou International Art Fair is one of three skills abundant meetings which authorizes by national Ministry of Culture. Fair locate more than 10,000 square meters, more than 400 booths. Each session attracts tens of thousands of amateurs, collection houses and artist participate and purchase, the artwork commercial organization also looks for outstanding and precious article here, ales quantity creates new high every year. The Guangzhou International Art Fair exceed ten years, broad in scale, exhibit rich article makes it the band of the Guangzhou culture activity, also becamethe Guangzhou civic culture construction important project as well. Fair not only exhibit work of historical and modern China, but also the well-known painter's celebrated work from Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan area as well as Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and so on. The exhibition covers Chinese painting, oil painting,the print, the sculpture as well as the handicraft. Recent years we conducted "Li Xiongcai Calligraphy and painting exhibition", "Calligreaphy and painting exhibition of Shaoang Zhao, Shanshen Yang", "sculpture exhibition of Arman (France)", "Artistic Life exhibition of Europe, Chinese modern Print", "Oil painting-New Strength of China", "Inheritance And Fusion", "Hundred Years Changes of Oil painting in China", "Contemporary China Famous expert Covering of fan Art exhibition", "Darley 100th Anniversary exhibition", "Wu Guanzhong ink and wash painting exhibition", "French Art Special zone","the Glorious Chinese Hundred Scenery" and so on . Many artists’ style appears day by day during many years participation, approved by national organization. Many of them enter the European, American and the Southeast Asia market by cooperating with the national well-known agency. Even many attics are hired to teach in the university, many participation works collected by the national art museum.

The Guangzhou International Art Fair as a brand of Guangzhou developing the civic culture, will progress the high-quality strategy continuously. The activity was emphasized many times in "Guangzhou Government service Report 2006" and "The Guangzhou develop Plan in 15 years". At the same time, in order to further strengthens the domestic and foreign cultural sharing, prosper cultural market, radiates South China, affects Southeast Asia, far to 2010 from now on, the Chinese artist association and the Guangzhou government  propose the long-term cooperation to sponsor the Guangzhou international art fair.

Welcome participation and Culture sharing, realize win achievement

Editor: canton fair

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