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Foshan Guide - City Information of Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
Update: 6/13/2008 12:48:00 PM Source: foshan hotels


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Resident People:
The total population of the whole city is 3.3585 million, including city proper population of 0.8008 million. The non-agricultural population is 1.3988 million. Foshan is a famous homeland of overseas Chinese, with more than 1 million living overseas, including 0.6 million living in Hong Kong and Macao.

Foshan Prefecture is located at the center of Guangdong Province, the inland of Pearl River Delta, within north latitude 22degree38' to 23degree34' and east longitude 112degree22' and 113degree23'. It is adjacent to Guangzhou at the east, to Jiangmen and Zhongshan at the south, to Zaoqing at the west and to Qingyuan at the north. The Foshan City enjoys superior geographic location, located at the inland of the Pearl River Delta, the economic developed area in South China, less than 50km to Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Zaoqing and Dongguan, about 100km to Macao and Hong Kong.

Foshan City is near to sea, with most of the area located at the south of the tropic of cancer, where the climatic type belongs to subtropical seasonal wind humid climate, with annual average temperature at 22.1degree and rainfall of 1600-2000ml.

Shunde's Ecological Paradise
Shunde's Junan town, located at the hinterland of Zhujiang Delta, is a provincial level vacationland with a total occupying area of 2 million sq.m.. Based upon the base pond agriculture mode of long history in Zhujiang Delta and advantaged natural ecological environment of Shunde, it has integrated sightseeing, travel, culture, entertainment, production and environmental protection, and incorporated "restoring, demonstration and forward-looking", thereby bring forth a new ecological notion and ecological environment.

Focusing on the theme of ecology, Shunde's Ecological Paradise has made elaborate and skillful designs such that it has been divided into five scenic spots including ecological protection area, ecological education area, ecological entertainment area, ecological leisure area and ecological agriculture area. The ecological education area, focusing on the ecological plaza, is composed of artificial waterfall, ecological sculpture, Earth plaza as well as spring, summer, autumn and winter gardens. Therefore, this area is just like a cyclopedia containing all ecological mysteries that reflect the relationship between human beings and Heaven, human beings and earth, human beings and nature. Thus, it's available with mysterious ecological knowledge, thereby ecological history can be deducted in respect of closely linked and circulative nature. And, it also contains both ecological beauty and ecological alarm against destruction. The ecological protection area is mainly composed of crane gorge natural protection area and tortoise peak natural protection area, with clustered forests and numerous cranes. Therefore, it's available with endless artistic dreams ecological enjoyment. The ecological entertainment area, located at the eastern side of the Paradise, is composed of a dozen of scenic spots such as water paradise, lovers bay, funny labyrinth, etc. The tourists can participate in novel and funny entertainment programs in the area, where most of recreational facilities are available. The ecological leisure area is composed of such scenic spots as fishing pavilion, pumpkin pavilion, military affairs museum, chess room as well as bamboo sea and orchard, etc, with a feature of primitive simplicity and tranquility. Therefore, fishing, leisure, game, enjoying "tide" and playing chess with friends are made up of this "Heaven on earth" for the purpose of leisure and amusement in this area. Focusing on restoring and reproducing the base pond agriculture mode highly admired by FAO, the ecological agriculture area is typically bringing forth an ecological agriculture civilization well-known at home and abroad.
Inside the Paradise, there are plenty of mountains, flourishing forests and many base ponds, wherein a vivid ecological world is composed of 22 peaks and water area of a few hundred thousands sq.m., presenting a landscape of lakes and mountains contrasting finely with each other, bamboo sea and forests stretching endlessly, and therefore outlining a broad and profound ecological picture. When lingering inside it, you can realize an essence of recovering the nature, returning the nature and take the education of "loving the nature, enjoying the nature and protecting the nature".

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