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Shoppping in Sanya, Hainan Province, China -- Sanya Guide
Update: 6/13/2008 3:09:00 PM Source: Sanya hotels


What to buy
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Along with its bright sunshine, Sanya can bring you an adventure in shopping. Surrounded by blue water on three sides, the city teems with a multitude of sea products that make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives. Fresh seafood sold at a reasonable price is a most attractive purchase for visitors from both China and abroad. You can also buy pretty decorations and handicrafts made of shells or trumpet shells: a gift from the sea. Perhaps, however, it is more diverting to pick up some unique shells and trumpet shells along the beautiful beaches of Sanya by yourself.
In addition to these gifts from the sea, Sanya offers some other special local products that will definitely fill up your bags. Under the vast seawater of Sanya, beautiful coral abounds. Some of it is made into exquisite pieces and sold in the shops of Sanya. However, it is not recommended that you buy one of these coral pieces, since they are products made of endangered coral, and are not sold legally. It is also not legal to carry them on a plane in China.
There is no reason for despair, since the rare seawater pearl and crystal products of Sanya will delight every bit as much. From ancient times, pearls have been considered to be the best jewels for women. At present, they are also made into beautiful decorations. Furthermore, pearl powder is used by many women to maintain youth and beauty. You can find some high quality pearls in Sanya where the best pearls are cultivated. Sanya also prides itself on its beautiful, luminous crystal. It is said that the crystal produced in Yanglan Town which is located in the north of Sanya City is the best gift for your lover.
Additionally, various tropical fruits offered in Sanya are especially appreciated by both locals and visitors. Small banana, guava, durian, mangosteen, wampee, litchi, procession of lanterns or torches fruit, carambola, jackfruit and the most beautiful rose apple are delicious fruits to buy and sample.
Finally, a suit of colorful local cloth is a must for you. These clothes are usually printed with numerous tropical pictures, such as coconut trees, sea and sunshine. Combine this with a pair of comfortable beach shoes, and your stay will be much more comfortable. Favored by more and more visitors, this cloth has become a signature of Sanya item.
Where to buy
The shopping centers of Sanya are usually found near scenic spots, such as Dadonghai and Tianya Haijiao. In the city center, the main shopping districts are business pedestrian streets such as Jiefang Road and Hongqi Street.
Jiefang Road
This is a newly opened street, and the longest in Sanya. It offers local products, dining, entertainment, tours, housing, and temporary accommodations. KFC, Mcdonald's, and a variety of department stores and supermarkets are assembled here. Located at No.7 on Jiefang Road 2nd,
Tiancheng Department Store is an all-round place offering clothes, non-staple foodstuffs and household electrical appliances. Some world brands of merchandise are available here. What's more, the Tianhong Department Store (favored by high income people), Wanfulong Supermarket (part of the biggest chain in Hainan Province), Yifang Department Store and a number of other chain stores are located on Jiefang Road.
Hongqi Street
This street is more favored by people concerned with economy since various items of a reasonable price are sold here. About 300 meters (about 0.19 mile) long, this street could be divided into two parts: clothes are sold in the south part while groceries and commodities are sold in the north part. The shopping centers of this street are the First Market, Sanhe Business City and Yangguang Shopping City.
The First Market is the biggest free market of agricultural products in Sanya City. Various local products, including all of the seafood and local fruits, are sold here at a reasonable price. If you want to buy a suit of local clothes, the Sanhe Business City that is located at the south end of Hongqi Street is a must. The price ranges from CNY10 to CNY20 - much lower than the price of large-scale stores.
In addition, the Business Street near Hongqi Street is the best place to buy pearls and shell decorations. Prices are reasonable, especially for these beautiful shells, but the price of pictures consisting of shells is a little high. The Sanya DC City is another ideal place to buy some souvenirs: local products and all sorts of decorations can be purchased here.

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