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The 7th South China Timber, Artificial Board, Wood Floor, Decorative Paper, Veneering Banding Material & Production Equipment Exhibition and 2007 China( Guangzhou ) Bamboo and Rattan Exhibition
Update: 9/28/2007 3:38:00 AM Source: Wentrip


The 7th South China International Furniture,Sound Box,Artificial Board,Wood Floor Veneering Banding Materials and the Production Equipment Exhibition

Sponsored by: China Timber Circulation Association              
                      Guangdong  Timber Circulation Association
Organized by: Guangdong Yuzhu International Timber Market  
                      Guangxi Association of Timber Circulation Information
                      Fujian Association of Timber Trade
Supporters: Central South Area Timber Trade Institute
                   Central South Man-made Board New Technology Generalization
                   Guangdong Timber and Wooden Product Quality Supervision Testing
Undertaker:  Guangzhou Struggle Exhibition Co., Ltd

   “The 7th South China International Furniture,Sound Box,Artificial Board,Wood Floor,Veneering Banding Materials and the Production Equipment Exhibition” will be grand opening in Chinese Export Commodities Fairground on Sep22-24, 2007, this exhibition will be for Furniture,Sound Box,Artificial Board,Wood Floor production enterprise of domestic and international, providing an optimal platform for information exchange and international trade, meanwhile it will offer a rare chance for extending new technology, new product of producing enterprise, and building enterprise products.
       The decorated paper is one of rise quickest products in the 1990s, increased by 2 times in 10 years, the annual growth rate is 12%, make the insider surprised. According to the relevant data statistics showing, American-European developed countries use the paper quality to formate the ornament materials in a large amount in the wood-based plate surface is decorated, the proportion is 60%-70% of the total amount, and developing countries are still processing the ornament materials for raw materials with the natural famous and precious timber, the natural thin wood of production accounts for about 50% of the total ornament materials , this kind of state will be transformed with economic development and enhancement of people's environmental consciousness to good respect quickly, the paper ornament materials will get further development.
       With the output of furniture,sound box,artificial board,wood floor has continuous growing, and then these will make the veneering banding materials trade to rapid development. Looking forward to 2007, we completely  have the reason to believe that  the development prospect of veneering banding materials market will be more optimistic.
        China has already become the first wooden furniture supply country in the world, because of the Chinese wooden furniture industry has gone through the rapid development more than 20 years. With the rapid growth of China GDP, the heating furtherly of the dwelling construction of the city and ornament trade, the demand of furniture,sound box,artificial board,wood floor veneering banding materials the increases by a large margin in our country.        
Date and venue
Exhibition: Sep22-24, 2007
Arrangement: Sep 20-21, 2007
Withdrawal: 2:00 P.M, Sep 24, 2007
Venue: Chinese Export Commodities Fairground(117 Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou ,China 510014)
Why You Should Participate the Exhibition
1,Guangdong Province is Chinese timber consume large province, according to province timber association offer datum show, Guangdong Province last year import timber account for the whole country import timber 1/4 of total amount, saw material take national half of import volume among them, the import volume of log accounts for 17% of the whole country, with the national economy constant development and constant improvement of the living standards of the people of Guangdong, rising to high-quality timber demand constantly, especially the high-speed development of the furniture industry and decorating industry, have offered the strong market for development of the timber,splint,decorations panel and plywood .
2,We have colleted the data of 150,000 purchasers (thereinto furniture industry by42%,wood processing enterprise by 25%, fitment building company by 12%, dealers by 13P%, land agent by 5%, else industry by 3%) will guarantee the effects of exhibition for participants of this year.
3,In order to insure the scale of exhibition, this exhibition will be co-organized by other associations and academies in the country as well as the relevant foreign organizations in china.

Scale of Exhibition
About 500 famous exhibitors in nearly 10,000m2 of exhibition space
The exhibits become an industry chain (the whole realm including the raw materials, processing technology, equipments and products) facilitating exhibitors with more business opportunities and buyers to purchase.
 Scope of Exhibition
1,PVC grain decorative flake,Boeing soft flake,adhesive plastic pieces,PVC Edge Banding,PVC decorative skin,PVC film
2,Thin layers,wood line,soft wood
3,Wood-grain papers,Polyster paper,face paper of furniture ,dipped paper
4,Veneering,banding production equipment

Add.of Committee                  
Committee: Guangzhou Struggle Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: Room 409 Hengkang Ge No.121 Lin He Xi Heng Road, Guangzhou, China 510610
Fax: 86-20-38773839
Contact: Wendy Chan
Bank: Bank of China, Guangzhou Linhexi Office

Editor: canton fair

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