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What to buy in Guilin - Guilin Travel Guide
Update: 6/13/2008 1:43:00 PM Source: guilin hotel


What to buy in Guilin

Guilin has various kinds of local special products, with the "Three Treasures of Guilin" being the first recommended in most local specialty stores. The "Three Treasures of Guilin" consists of Guilin Chili Sauce, Fermented Beancurd and Three-Flower Liquor. Every person who goes to Guilin opts to take them back to enjoy.  The recipes of the Three Treasures have very long histories, and these three treasures, made using these techniques, have long been well-known home and abroad. Now there are small "Three Treasures" package sets and large three treasures package sets, which are convenient for clients to take home.


Arts & Craft

Soft Silk and Quilt with Guilin landscape

Soft silk quilt with Guilin landscape made by Guilin widely wins a great of customers'good appraisals.

Jade Sculpture

Take jade materials like emerald, jade, xiuyu, miyu, crystal, agate, pine stone, azure stone, etc, as raw materials.

Stone Sculpture

Guilin stone sculpture has developed early in Tang Dynasty with the witness of over 500 figures of Buddha of stone sculptures on cliffs in North Hill, Fupo Hill, Silk Double Hill, etc, providing reference for the stone sculptures today.

Boxwood Comb

Boxwood comb is finely made with adoption of rare boxwood as material. Comb handicraftsman is good at selecting materials, carves and applies techniques in accordance with different materials,

Horn Comb

It is said that combs made into ox horn comb and sheep horn comb is developed on the basis of comb making in Ming Dynasty, and reached higher technique level and perfected in Ming Dynasty.

Bamboo Fine-Toothed Comb

Guilin fine-toothed comb is finely made with adoption of Nan bamboo especially grew in Guilin. The comb has the characteristics of soft and flexible teeth, solid and wearable, beautiful and decent.

Guilin Kame

Guilin kame is made from Tang Dynasty with a history of over 1000 years and constantly developed and perfected in Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, now becoming a Guangxi traditional famous brand.

Chopsticks Decorated with Carved Flowers


Arts & Craft

Boxwood Sculpture

Guilin boxwood sculpture colligates every carving techniques home and abroad with the combination of local characteristics, adopting techniques of circle carving, hollow carving, etc.

Square Bamboo Stick

Square bamboo grows in Longsheng mountain area of North Guilin in square shape, thick and solid wall body quality and is made as various beautiful, elegant, practical sticks by processing.

Wood Sculpture and Bamboo Sculpture

Guilin traditional craftworks wood sculpture and bamboo sculpture are also attractive in tourist souvenirs. Pencil vase with paint applied adopts contour carving techniques.


Local Special Products


Cumquat is also produced in Yangshuo County. It is one of famous Guilin fruits with golden yellow thin peel, delicate flesh, rich juice, fragrant and sweet. Its peel and flesh are difficult to be departed, so you can eat them without peel peeling.

Grain Flower Fish

Grain flower fish which comes into market in summer harvest season is a famous special local product in Quanzhou, Xing'an, Guanyang of Guilin.

Lipu Taro

The most tasty taro should be Lipu taro which is produced in Lipu County of Guilin. It is big and rich in nutrition. Cutting it into pieces and fried in oil, then placing them into meet, made "fried looped meat".

Shatian Pomelo

Shatian pomelo produced by Guilin Yangshuo has a planting history of over 200 years. It enjoys high reputation in markets of Hongkong, Macao, Europe and USA. The color of the ripe fruit is bright yellow with weight of 1-1.5 kg.

Momordica Grosvenor

Yongfu County of Guilin is the origin of momordica grosvenor and it has a history of planting momordica grosvenor for more than 200 years.

Guilin Fermented Bean Roll

Bean roll is a kind of food made by bean. For its shape like dried bamboo, it is called bean roll. It is dried, light, and convenient for long storage.

Chili Catsup

Guilin Chili Catsup is one of Guilin Special Local Products with a history of about 100 years. There are various kinds of Guilin Chili Catsup addording to its different materials, including mashed-garlic chili catsup, lobster sauce chili catsup, etc.

Fermented Bean Curd

Guilin fermented bean curd has a long history and it has enjoyed a great reputation for more than 200 years.

Local Special Products

Three Flowers Liquor
Three Flowers Liquor has a history over 200 years, and brewage of Three Flowers Liquor needs steamed and brewed three times, so it is named (Three Brewed Liquor); Because this liquors high degree, pure vinosity

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