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Traditional Guilin Dishes and Local Delicacy - Guilin Guide
Update: 6/13/2008 2:13:00 PM Source: guiyang hotels


Guilin is noted for its infinite variety of Guilin Mifen (Guilin Rice Noodles), generally eaten for breakfast or as a snack. Strictly guarded recipes vary from chef to chef.
North of Central Square along Yiren Road you'll find a variety of restaurants including buffet-style cafeterias, feathered eateries and trendy cafes.
Local delicacy
Guilin Rice Noodles
Guilin rice noodles have long enjoyed fame. The rice noodles are round, thin and flexible, the soup fresh and fragrant and the meat very tasty.
Glutinous Rice Dumplings
The rice dumplings of Guilin are generally smaller than normal ones. They are made of top-grade glutinous rice finely ground into a paste, which is later pressed and dried into flour.
Water Chestnut Cake
The main ingredient in this local snack is rice flour, which is first put into a wooden mold shaped like a horse hoof. Various fillings including brown sugar, water chestnut powder and sesame powder are then added.
Glutinous Rice with Mung Bean Paste
Steamed top-grade glutinous rice made into lumps is the main ingredient in this snack. Sweet mung bean paste is used as a main filling, accompanied by some fried sesame and shallots, oil and rice.
Guilin Water Glutinous Rice Cake
This snack is made by steaming some top-grade glutinous rice and grinding it until the rice melts like lumps of cotton.
Fengli(Rice lump)
Finely grind some top-grade rice into paste, scrub it into small cylinders, steam it until its 80% done, take it out and dry it, and you have Fengli.
Nun Vegetarian Noodles
The essence of Guilin Nun Noodles is in its soup. The soup is boiled for a long time with soybean sprouts, fresh straw mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots.
Traditional Dishes of Guilin
Old Duck Stewed with Gingko
This traditional tonic dish adopts Guilin's local specialty gingko, sliced old duck, ham slices and some other various ingredients.
Daxu Clear Water Fish(Country flavor)
If you feel bored with what you are eating, why not try some Daxu Clear Water Fish? Without an overbearing array of spices, the fish is served simply with water, salt and ginger slices.
Yangshuo Beer Fish (Country flavor)
How about a juicy Li River fish,cooked with fresh beer(brewed with Li River water), tomatoes, garlic leaves and ginger slices? This is a renowned specialty of Yangshuo County, where the scenery is arguably more spectacular than that of Guilin.
Guilin Snail
The snails of Guilin are big and meaty. Sour peppers, specially-prepared in Guilin, are always used in the snail-cooking process.
Minced Pork Fried with Osmanthus Flower
This renowned traditional tonic dish is created by frying up some fresh osmanthus flower, lean meat, eggs and various spices.
Steamed Bakemeat with Water Chestnut
This traditional dish of Guilin is prepared by steaming peeled water chestnut, fresh lean meat, and all kinds of various condiments.
Guilin Duck Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
This renowned traditional tonic dish adopts a bare duck, dry lotus leaf, diced lean meat, ripe winter bamboo shoots, diced preserved ham, fried diced Lipu taro, diced shiitake mushrooms, tender string beans, shrimp and spices.
Traditional Dishes of Guilin
Mangosteen Chicken in Steam Pot
This renowned traditional tonic dish is made using either Sanhuang chicken meat or black chicken meat, mangosteen and some spices.
Whole Chicken Stewed with Gecko
This new renowned dish was first created by Qin Yongyan, who is a chef in a class of is own, working at the Guilin Ronghu Hotel. In May of 1988, it won the gold medal in China's Second National Cooking Competition.
Looped Meat with Lipu Taro
This renowned traditional dish is perfect for large feasts and incorporates traditional Guilin Lipu taro, streaky pork with pigskin, "Guilin Fermented Tofu" and several types of condiments.
Lingchuan Su Dog Meat(Country flavor)
Got room for dog? Why not try out Su Dog Meat Restaurant? It is universally acknowledged by the thousands of Guilin locals to be the finest dog meat restaurant.
Steamed Mung Bean and Meat Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
This renowned traditional home-style dish is made with streaky pork with skin, mung bean flour, lotus leaf, "Guilin Fermented Tofu", and all sorts of spices.
Roasted Suckling Pig
A specialty dish of Guilin, the suckling pig is fed with glutinous rice or some other kinds of rice, which makes its meat and skin delicate.
Chicken Ball Fried with Water Chestnuts
With its renowned traditional flavor, this dish is delicately prepared using local chestnuts, top-grade chicken meat, fresh shiitake mushrooms and all kinds of mouth-watering spices.

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