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Auto Guangzhou 2012

Auto Guangzhou 2012


    The 10th China(Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition

    China automobile industry has witnessed leapfrog development and grew form a small beginning into a mighty force during the past decade, gradually becoming mainstay of international automobile industry. During the time of development china automobile industry is like a hundred flowers in bloom, various brands of automobile in the world compete with each other, promoting vigorous development of China automobile industry and guarantee vitality of international auto economics.

    During the past decade, Auto Guangzhou has developed from nonexistence and weakness into one of the top auto show in China by following the growing trend of China. Based on creating good platform promoting Chinese market and publicizing enterprise image in the field, Auto Guangzhou contributes to the steady development of Chinese automobile industry by its mutual promotion and common progress with overseas auto brands.

    In the year of 2012, the key time for implementing Twelfth Five-year Plan, China auto industry will stride forward into its new development decade as the development priority of overall plan. Also as pageant of the industry, Auto Guangzhou, the link of past and future and prospect of the coming year, will go into its 10th year of development. Auto Guangzhou will inherit its historical mission and coordinate with the trends from big to strong of China auto industry, continually develop core competitive force and make unstoppable breakthrough based on the development need. The 10th Auto Guangzhou, with guiding orientation and dominating the future as its theme, will promote influence in auto market and make pageant with character of times and industrial.

    Plan for Auto Guangzhou 2012
    Date Nov. 23-Dec. 2, 2012(Press Day : Nov. 22)
    Venue China Import & Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou
    Exhibition Scaled 200, 000 m2(EST)
    Exhibition Publicity More than 1500 media and 6000 joumalists(EST)
    Visitors More than 500,000(EST)
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