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Taipei Bars & Nightlife - TaiPei Travel Guide
Update: 6/20/2008 7:40:00 AM Source: Taipei Hotel



  • A cold can of Taiwan Beer at Fulong BeachLuxy, 5F, 201 Zhongxiao E. Road, Section 4, near the Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station,. One of the most well-known clubs in Taipei. Luxy has two levels: the lower level has a side room playing house/techno and a main room playing hip-hop; the upper level is a lounge with a small dance floor over-looking the main room. Cover charge goes up after 11 pm. Get there early to avoid a line.
  • Ziga Zaga, No.2, Sung Shou Road, Grand Hyatt Taipei - specializes in cocktails and Italian cuisine - both the service and food are excellent - popular with locals and expats - Ladies Night on Wednesdays.
  • The Wall Live House, B1, 200 Roosevelt Road, Sec 4, 2930-0162,. Mostly Taiwanese bands playing everything from rock to reggae.
  • Champagne 3 Disco Lounge, B1, 171 Songde Road. Tel:+886 2 2728-5673, [58]. Two-level dance club & lounge with good D.J.'s.
  • Carnegies, 100 Anhe Road, Sec 2. Tel:+886 2 2325-4433. Popular with locals and expats. Ladies Nights on Wednesdays! The outdoor patio is perfect for those who prefer quieter and less smoky atmospheres. The scene is geared toward the 30+ expat and locals.
  • Indian Beerhouse, 196 Bade Road, Sec. 2. Tel:+886 2 2741-0550. The beerhouse with dinosaur skeletons and them decor. Customers can enjoy the greasy nightmarket style snacks with kegs of beer.
  • Taiwan Beer Bar, 85 Bade Road, Sec. 2. A godsend for the thirsty budget traveler in a city of pricey bars, this is most certainly the cheapest bar in town. It's attached to the brewery where Taiwan Beer is made, close to the intersection of Bade and Jianguo Roads. What it lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in price: NT$50 per mug of Taiwan Beer, NT$100 per liter. Interior and exterior seating are available.
  • Tea houses
  • Taiwan's speciality teas are High Mountain Oolong (a fragrant, light tea) and Tieguanyin (a dark, rich brew).
  • Wisteria House, 16 Xinsheng South Road, Sec 3. Tel:+886 2 2363-7375,. Wisteria is set in a traditional house, complete with tatami mats, and is a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing with friends and soaking up the atmosphere of Taiwan. NB: Wisteria is closed until 2008 for renovation.
  • Hui Liu, No 9, Lane 31, Yongkang Street. Tel:+886 2 2392-6707. Located next to the small and verdant Yongkang Park, Hui Liu is a modern style tea house. In addition to serving Chinese tea, Hui Liu is also famous for its organic vegetarian meals and hand made pottery.
  • Teng, 29, Lane 61, Linyi Street (between Renai Road, sec 2 and Xinyi Road, sec 2). Tel:+886 2 2321-9089. A rustic tea house and art studio in the heart of Taipei.
  • The mountainous Maokong area of Muzha in the Wenshan district of the city has dozens upon dozens of teahouses, many of which also offer panoramic views of the city - especially spectacular on a clear evening. An Maokong Gondola (cable car) system, , runs Taipei Zoo MRT station to Maokong. The S10 bus goes up there from the Wanfang Community MRT station.
  • Cafes
  • While traditionally a nation of tea drinkers, in recent years the Taiwanese have really embraced the cafe culture, and all the usual chains can be found here in abundance. For cafes with more character, however, roam the back streets near National Taiwan University between Xinsheng South Road and Roosevelt Road, and also the area around Renai Road, Section 4 and Dunhua South Road. There are also some interesting and characterful places between Yongkang Park and Chaozhou Street, and in the alleys around Shida Road. In the Shida area, Salt Peanuts (23, Lane 60, Taishun Street) is highly recommended for its laid back atmosphere and great selection of retro-rock. However, for a particularly impressive range of styles, visit Bitan in Xindian, where all the cafes offer restful views over the river and mountains beyond (though can be noisy at weekend).

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