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The 5th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition
Update: 10/3/2007 1:52:00 PM Source: Wentrip
The 5th China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition will be held from 20 to 26 November 2007 (among others, the Auto Parts and Accessories Zone will be opened from 20 to 23 November 2007).
China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition started in 2003, which was positioned at "High Quality, Internationalization and Comprehensiveness". On the basis of major support from Guangzhou Municipal Government, China's 1/3 car consumer market, powerful car developing industry and the best exhibition hall in Asia, it has become one of China's famous automobile exhibitions after four years' operation.
Four years of brilliance

The 4th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition took place from 25 to 31, July 2006, and turned out a blockbuster. This grand event had involved an exhibition ground with an area totaling 88,000 square meters; and employed 8 exhibition halls. 386 exhibitors, hailing from 20 other countries & regions, took part in this exhibition; whilst more than 2,200 news reporters representing upwards of 540 TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and online media organs at home and abroad swarmed in to publicize this exhibition. The aggregate audience size accounted for 548, 680 person-times, and a peaking audience size occurred in some two days in the duration, exceeding 120,000 person-times.
On the Media Day of Auto Guangzhou 2006, 33 exhibitor-role enterprises held their respective news conferences; 6 new car models debuted themselves in China, whilst 3 others did so globally, all in a stately way. Besides, leading officers from renowned enterprises including Mr. Yoshi Inaba, Vice Chairman of Toyota Automobile Co., Ltd., Xu Ping, President for Dongfeng Group, Mr. Toru Kuzuhara, General Manager for Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., Katsumi Nakamura, President for Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd., Sho Minekawa, General Manager for Honda (China) Automobile Co., Ltd., Li Jie, Vice President for the Northeast Asia Regional Headquarters of Daimler Chrysler, Peter Peng, President for Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Choon T. Chon, President Worldwide for Delphi Inc. etc. had all showed up in this Auto Guangzhou and also attended relevant activities, in person.
Auto Guangzhou 2003
Auto Guangzhou 2004
Auto Guangzhou 2005
Auto Guangzhou 2006
50,000 sq.m.
75,000 sq.m.
85,000 sq.m.
88,000 sq.m.
Vehicles Zone
40,000 sq.m.
55,000 sq.m.
65,000 sq.m.
68,000 sq.m.
Auto-parts &Accessories Zone
10,000 sq.m.
20,000 sq.m.
20,000 sq.m.
20,000 sq.m.
Vehicles Zone
Auto-parts &Accessories Zone
Vehicles on dispaly
Conceptual vehicles
New models
imported vehicles
Media and journalists present
340 medias
More than 1000 reporters
More than 1400 reporters
510 medias
More than 1600 reporters
540 medias
More than 2200 reporters
502,000 person-times
531,000 person-times
541,256 person-times
548,680 person-times
Organizing: supports from authorities, and operations in line with the principle of market orientation

-- Authoritative sponsors: Auto Guangzhou is sponsored by multiple domestic organizations, including governmental agencies and industrial authorities at home, thus allowing this exhibition to be of great importance since its birth.

-- Professional organizers: Auto Guangzhou is organized jointly by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, a professional exhibition service provider under China's No.1 Exhibition -- Canton Fair; China International Trade Promotion Commission Automobile Industry Sub-commission, China's authoritative organizer of auto shows; Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd., a giant player in China's automobile industry, and other professional associations, thus constituting a highly efficient and authoritative organizing team.

-- Each and every Auto Guangzhou held in the past few years had been attended by cadres from the State, Provincial and Municipal Governments and authoritative personages in the automobile industry, who had spoken highly of the achievements made by Auto Guangzhou. Besides, they had conferred a number of constructive suggestions towards Auto Guangzhou in various respects, and granted generous supports on multiple fronts, as well.
Publicizing - Media-based promotion in an all-sided and multi-tiered way

We have formulated and put into force the following promotional program for the Passenger Cars Zone, with an eye to its characteristics:

-- Coverage of publicizing endeavors: mainly at home, partly abroad;
-- Modes of publicizing: advertising, news reporting, professional conferences and forums, promotional events, etc.
-- Channels of publicizing: professional print media and websites at home and abroad, professional conferences and forums; audience members to be invited from domestic and overseas industrial associations, etc.
Supporting media organs:
-- Websites:,,,,, and,,, and,etc.;
-- Newspapers: Economic Daily, Southern Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, China Automobile News, China Business News, China Business Herald- Automobile Bulletin, etc.
-- Magazines: Auto News, China Automobile Pictorial, Renowned Cars, and Weekend Pictorial, China Auto Fittings News, HC360 National Auto Fittings Market, Automative Aftermarket (Japan), Asia Pacific Magazine (Taiwan China), Trading Resources (Hong Kong), Auto Decoration And Retrofitting,etc.
-- TV/Radio stations: China National Radio, Guangzhou TV Station, HK TVB, and Yangcheng Traffic Radio etc.
Concurrent happenings - a galaxy of activities

Regular activities:

-- "China (Guangzhou) Automobile Development Forum": this is a significant event held during each Auto Guangzhou, and also one of the country's highest-grade and most-attention-getting industrial forums; in addition, this forum has always commanded much attention from governmental cadres, industrial experts, and corporate senior leaders, who are ardently involved in this forum to enter into discussions.
-- "China (Guangzhou) Automobile Culture Festival": this festival comprises such modules as a Retrofitted Auto Contest, and an Auto Acoustics Contest, which are all devised to disseminate the automobile culture, add fine touches into the exhibition, thus having a grand get-together for auto aficionados.

Irregular activities:

-- Automakers and research organs may launch various forums and seminars during the exhibition;
-- Renowned exhibitors from home and abroad may organize themed promotional activities, in addition to exhibiting their products, throughout the exhibition;
-- Media organs may organize various competitions among exhibitors/exhibits.……
For a better tomorrow: Planning of the 5th Auto Guangzhou

The 5th China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition will be held from 20 to 26 November 2007 (among others, the Auto Parts and Accessories Zone will be opened from 20 to 23 November 2007).

-- Themed "Keep Pace with World, Gear up for Life", this upcoming exhibition is going to distinguish itself as a world-class comprehensive event with a high profile, and endeavor to enhance the professionalism in each of its exhibition areas continually.
-- Planned to involve a total exhibition area of 95,000 square meters, and comprise four major areas (i.e. the Passenger Cars Zone, the Commercial Vehicles Zone, the Auto Parts and Accessories Zone). Among others, the Auto Parts and Accessories Zone are now planned to cover a total land area of 20,000 square meters.
-- Solid experience in holding the eponymic exhibitions in the past four years will be summarized in an aim to promote the 5th Auto Guangzhou to be a greater success in terms of soliciting exhibitors, organizing the audience, advertising and publicizing, providing service and launching other related activities.

Editor: canton fair

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